Another step closer

I did some more work on the cover image for my book.  Not finished yet.  But closer.  The plan was to put an open eye in the mirror she’s holding but it just did not look right.  Much better empty.

I was listening to Ursula le Guin’s “The Tombs of Atuan” while I drew this.  Quite appropriate 🙂

Cover image: Attempt number one

Severely unfinished!  First attempt at a cover image for my book “The Story Trap”

Pippa gets a digital haircut

I trimmed Pippa’s hair.

She used to look like this:

In the story, this is the moment when she’s just climbed over a gate into somebody’s backyard and is about to try and break into their house.  She’s wondering why they have no burglar bars…

Pippa with lavender

OK – so this is a drawing of a character in my story called Pippa.  Except that I imagined her with short hair when I wrote her. Whoops.  Will probably have to give her a digital haircut.

Lizard on her way

Some fan art 🙂

This is a portrait of one of Debora Geary’s characters – a girl called Lizard who features in “Witches on Parole” and “Witches under Way” which I’ve just read.  Lizard is a poet – so she should have had some words among her tattoos.  Maybe those will still arrive 🙂

Mirror in hand

This is an important moment in my story: The main character looks at a small mirror.

Strangled in plastic

One of the more difficult things to research for my book was plastic pollution in the sea.  So grim.  The images of birds, fish and seals strangling in plastic are so unbearably sad.

Here are some illustrations.  If you go down to the Waterfront here in Cape Town, you can see seals with plastic bags cutting into their necks just like this one:


Sun branches moon roots

This is a bit of an experiment – not sure if it works.  Another image from the book I’ve almost finished writing.

Locket and rose

Some more drawings for my book.  The chain was quite tricky – had to redraw it many times.


Teapot with dragon.

There’s something satisfying in drawing a teapot 🙂  Another illustration for my book: done.

A witch’s tea-set, a hare and so on

More drawings for my book: I plan to insert small drawings in the scene breaks and at the end of some of the chapters.  Here are some rough pencil sketches of a hare, a witch’s tea set, a washing up glove and so on.





Enter Mistress Mouse

Another drawing of characters from my book: Miss Mouse against a backdrop of burnt protea bushes.   Miss Mouse was not planned.  She just appeared and took over in her gentle but insistent way.

Rough Helens in Black and White

I scanned in the rough drawings I did yesterday and started working on them in Photoshop.  As always, cropping conceals a multitude of flaws…

Here are two versions of Helen considering a bee.  These are intended for display on a black and white Kindle screen, which is an interesting limitation to work with.




This was the original sketch:

Rough drawings for my new book

I’ve been drawing again (yay!) and struggling a bit to get going.  Yesterday I did some very rough drawings  for my new book.  Here is Miss Mouse:

…and Helen, a witch:

The book itself is very nearly finished.  Need to work through it one more time to smooth out the rough bits.  The working title is “Dark Sister” but I’m going to have to find something else.  Too many other books with that title already!

Reading Dog drawing in process

Possible illustration for my new book – work in progress:

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