Transports Exceptionnels – Spier performance

Ive just come back from seeing a performance of Transports Exceptionnels at the Parade. This is Philipe Priasso dancing with a digger operated by William Defresne.

This was an exceptional performance dance pieces. Philippe Priasso must be in his late 50’s – he does a slow and stately dance with danger. The digger moves gracefully and responds to his touch and gestures, folding its articulated arm, curling its iron scoop, swinging itself around and up.

You forget how powerful this machine must be as it gently taps the dancer, picks him up and swings him around, suspends him in the air, delicately unfolds its arm to deposit him on the ground. And then CLANG! it jerks itself to a jolting halt, and BANG! it slams its folded scoop onto the tarmac in front of the dancer.

There is a constant similarity in structure and movement between the man and the machine, and then you become aware again of the terrible difference in strength and vulnerability.

There will probably soon be images available of the cape town performance .

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