Princess Mononoke

Am once again overwhelmed by the films of Miyazaki – this time “Princess Mononoke”


Like Spirited Away, the movie drew me in. The Deer God’s forest is a manifestation of all that is disappearing or already missing from our world.

Here he is in his night time manifestation:


And of course there are the white wolf gods. Just like my Anastasia. Here is the heroine San, with her mother the white wolf goddess Moro.


Its not an easy movie to watch, and it does not have a simple message. There is a constant theme throughout of the impossibility of separating life and death, violence and tenderness, courage and despair.

Not to be corny, but the story reminds me of the ending of The Lord of the Rings : A story that carries on despite the ending of the beautiful world of fantasy and magic .

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  1. charles
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 09:45:38

    This film really touches deep and stays with you. incredible. the soundtrack is also great (must give it to you)

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  3. Yameng Li
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 08:21:17

    Hey Masha, I’m currently working on a proposal, and this movie is one of the things that inspires me, so was wondering if you have a copy of it say on AVI format? or on DVD?

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