Eirian Short

Here is another lucky find – from the Layers of Meaning website, the work of Eirian Short, a welsh embroidery artist. It is difficult to find much of her work on-line but I have found these image and articles.

This one is a stuffed and embroidered snake, as you see.

There is very little information about her work, except that she spent her life (1924 – ?) working in this medium, and was at various times fascinated with snakes and swans. Later in her life she developed carpal tunnel syndrome and moved to creating works with wire and paper.

“Looking back over my half century of stitching, the thing I remember with most satisfaction is the sheer sensual pleasure of pushing a threaded needle in and out of the fabric and watching the work grow.”

A short piece on the Layers of Meaning site

A article from “workbox magazine” which is where most of my images are from.

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