Design Indaba ||Day1 || Lunch with Doodles

OK so its really rather ridiculous to devote an entire blog post to the lunch break at the Design Indaba.  But I had to make space for my photos,  and my drawings of Dave Ferguson, who performed during the lunch break.


Dave is a sort of one man band with a harmonica, octave and loop pedals and he got our post lunch digesting energy up again, ready to pay attention to the next speaker.

The food was fabulous, if not particularly vegetarian.  Day 1 was possibly intended to be Joburg inspired.  Boere wors, chicken, lots of meat.  Luckily for me, also Pampoen koekies.

The last image below was my favourite Design Indaba spot – the pillars outside the audotorium were wrapped in paper and dangled with pens to entice participants to draw.  I spent all my tea and lunch breaks doodling ferociously.

image305 image306image304

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