Design Indaba 09 || Day 3 || Young Designers

The Pecha Kucha session at Design Indaba allowed a number of young designers to show their work.


They were Jon  Stam, Sandhya Lalloo, Revital Chohen, Arno Mathies, Barbara Cilliers and Lauren Mackler.  I could only find images of some of their work, and these are the one’s I will mention.  Which is sad, as some of the nicest work was produced by the South African Barbara Cilliers.  Hopefully she will soon produce a site of her own to share her work.

Jon Stam created a number of interesting work, most of  which can be seen on his website.

For example, here is his “Cabinet of Curiosities” in which one can find both actual objects and their digital equivalent.  The digital versions can be seen by plugging the relevant drawer into a computer:


Then there is the “Lakes Rug”  – a carpet map of Canada which you can listen to recorded dialogues with his friends and family taken from correspondence with him when he was in the Netherlands:


Revital Chohen was struck by the emotional and physical attachment we sometimes have with technology, and by the often inhumane nature of that technology.  She creates some scenarios for alternatives, like this dialysis machine which would allow the person’s blood to be purified by a lamb.  The lamb would presumably suffer no ill consequence, but merely pee out the resulting toxins:


image from

Another version was a greyhound replacement for a mechanical lung.  Retired greyhounds could be saved from being put to death by employing them as breathing machines for the ill:


And lastly, a mechanical biological clock.  Renata says that modern women have be disconnected from the natural rhythm of fertility.  Where the moon’s gravity used to remind us of our bodies, now the pill and the pressures of life have distracted us.  She suggests this device which could use information provided by our doctors and employers to remind us of the pressure of time.  Quite a disturbing device:


Renata’s projects reminded me of the work showed to us by Dunne and Raby and seemed to share their optimistic attitude to the relationship between humanity and technology.  You can see more of her work on her website.

Arno Mathies showed us his carboard table, at once light and unusually strong:


His work reminded me of that of Barberosgerby with its focus on shape, and the inherent properties of materials.

You can see his site at, and he also has a  blog .

Lauren Mackler shared her “Ship” book which allows the user to create their own version of the narrative by using the handy tabs tha poke out the side:


She also created a number of installations, such as this one which is called “Listen”.  You can see more of her work at her website, which sadly does not include much text to explain the work.


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  1. Arno Mathies
    May 15, 2009 @ 12:39:06

    Is it possible for you to put a link to my website? I have recently created it and need to make it more popular.

    Please contact me if you wish, I also have a blog at wordpress:

    Thank you


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