Splish Splash!

It feels like spring is here, even though officially, we still have a couple of weeks of winter left to go.  Today I was clever enough to wear my wellies while walking my dogs on the Rondebosch Common.  Because of this:


It rained a lot yesterday.  In some places, the water came nearly up to the tops of my boots.

Usually a walk on the common at five o’clock is like playing a computer game called “avoid the dog walker”.  My dogs are very … in your face with other dogs, and not everyone appreciates them.  But today I had the entire common to myself.


My little celphone camera cannot really capture the dogs at play, they had a ball though:


I love this splishy splashy one of Anna:


And of course the lovely flowers.  Some “Arondskelke” or “Vark Lelies”:



The common is usually so dry and harsh, I love seeing it like this, all covered in winter flowers 🙂

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