New Home for my Books

I’m so pleased.  I have a new bookshelf for my children’s book collection.  The old one was bursting at the seams:


I got to reorganise all my books according to new categories 🙂 I spent hours deciding:  Should I  sort them according to how strange they are?

Maybe all the classic stories should be grouped separately from the modern ones?  Should there be a “landscape” category?  Or should they just be grouped according to size?


Assembling the new shelf is like playing with a huge mecano set. 



In the end I could move many none-children’s books to this shelf, and I even have some open space 🙂 !

We got these shelves  for ridiculously cheap at EM Shelving. Its easy to find, and the sales person was very helpful.  You can buy reconditioned shelving, but these are new and still very affordable.

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