Germaine Arnaktauyok – Inuit Artist

After my post on Caroline Leaf’s animation, I’ve been very curious about Inuit stories and imagery.  Germaine Arnaktauyok satisfies both those needs – she tells stories through her prints and drawings.  

“Mother Earth” – a lithograph

Germaine was named after a blind woman that her mother cared for.  From an interview with Germaine:

“The blind woman told my mother that if she ever had a daughter and named a child after her, she would have very good eyes.  So I was named after her because I was the first girl to be born to my parents. I have wondered why she said that because I have terrible eyesight.  But when I think about it, maybe she meant that I have better inner eyes – visual insight that I use in my artwork.”

“Moon Spirit” – an etching and aqua-tint

“Walrus and Man Entwined” – Ink and Coloured Pencil drawing

I’ve been reading up on Inuit legends, trying to find the stories that go with these pictures.  The one below is called Takannaaluk, which is another name for Sedna, the Mother of the Sea.  There are many versions of the story – in some she married a dog,  in others, a raven.  But that story deserves a separate post all of its own.

“Takannaaluk” – Ink drawing

“Woman Resting” –  Ink drawing

“The Sun and the Moon” – Etching and aqua-tint

You can see more of Germain Arnaktauyok’s images

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  1. Marisa
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 19:31:32

    Wow, I love these. They make me want to find out all about the Inuits and their stories.

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