Last night Brendon and I went to the “Mardi Gras” carnival here in Wynberg.  My little cell phone camera couldn’t really capture the beautiful lights, but some of the pictures came out quite nicely.

The rides are so theatrical.  They hiss and thump and churn, and belch clouds of dry ice and loud music. 

As Brendon pointed out, each ride had a distinct personality.  None of them seemed particularly friendly:

The lights just white out in my pictures, but they were so delicate, lots of little bulbs all different colours because some of them are blown,  or about to blow:

The Ferris wheel towered over everything, taller than this picture shows.  And no, we did not go to see the “head without a body”:

This was one of the scariest rides.  Huge.  Its “neck” is made up out of a series of columns fitting inside another, that rotate separately and at  different angles.  The tiny swing seats get flipped out as it whirls around.  Each seat has a “NO LEANING FORWARD NO KICKING” signs on its back.  The lights were out, but it must be amazing to see with all of them lit:

It has the most delicate pictures painted on it.  Flowers and European landscapes.

I’m looking forward to the Community Chest carnival.  Its got great rides too, and better food.

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  1. Ridhwaana
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 07:46:12

    Community Chest Carnival this year will take place from the 24th to the 27th Feb 2010 at Maynardville Park, Wynberg. Dont forget to takes loads of pics to upload onto your blog and also encourage everyone you know to come enjoy the international food, local entertainment and family fun. See you there.

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