Drawing Swop with Josephine

Earlier this year, I got a charming e-mail from Josephine Ferorelli, with a link to her website and a request to do a drawing swop.  ( Yes… I know. This is a post I should have written months ago.)

We mailed one another some examples of our work, and after some picking and choosing I sent this drawing:

and got this one in return – “Plants with pants”:

I love it – so cool and quirky.

Josephine also included this amazing postcard with an image by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo:

Thanks Josephine!  And sorry it took me so long to write about it.  Everyone else – go check out Josephine’s gallery.  I particularly like her “solar powered” drawings which (I think) are made by exposing coloured  paper to the sun through stencils and cut outs, to achieve a sort of “shadow” drawing.

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