Found Drawings: What the Gardener Found

I spent the day sorting papers into box files.  Among the IRP5 forms, tax returns and correspondence about medical aid, I found a quite a few drawings.  One particular book was filled years ago:  I remember, I was in the middle of my masters, and was desperate for some kind of creative outlet to get away from XSLT and AJAX.

This one which could be from a story called “What the Gardener found”

I love her expression, her dainty watch, and the spray can clutched at the ready:

And notice her well stocked shelf of poisons:

I’ll post more of these “found drawings” over the next couple of days.  And maybe I’ll have fun colouring in the digital versions?  Sigh.  I intend to raise procrastination to a new level, to counteract the effect of all those files.

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