The mice far from home: Lliane Roels

Here are some pictures from a book I’ve known since childhood – “Bij de dieren thuis: De Muizen”  which translates to roughly to “At home with the animals: The Mice”.  It’s a small book with a simple theme – some mice travel the world to find out how other mice live.

It starts off with our hero, a mouse called Lodewijk, who lives with his family in the ideal mouse home, inside a rocking horse in an attic.  Of course, Lodewijk is not satisfied with his happy life and goes off on an adventure.  First, he rescues Lili, a white mouse from a laboratory:

Liane Roel’s illustrations are enchanting: every detail is considered, every shape exact.
Lodewijk and Lili travel the world and find out how other mice live.  They find that the country mice have a beautiful home, but some frightening enemies:

They visit other countries, like America, where they see some strange mouse homes:

In the end they decide that the familiar is best, and return to Lodewijk’s old home, the rocking horse in the attic.  Here are the end papers from the back of the book – portraits of Lodewijk and Lili.  I love the insects and caterpillars:

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