The haunted phone and other drawings

I’m another step closer to publishing my short stories as an e-book.  Today I finished the last of the illustrations.  These are mostly small, incidental drawings that get dropped here and there between scene breaks or at the end of the stories.  To my surprise, not all the stories were easy to illustrate.  Not all of them had objects in them suited to this type of drawing.  One of the most difficult stories finally yielded this, a haunted office phone:


Then there is this mysterious bottle that a character finds in his garden shed:

Another story features a cat hopefully peering under a fridge:


And here is a flyer for a micro-lending firm that comes to a bad end in yet another story:

I’m tempted to post them all here, but that would make a very long blog post 🙂

My stories have been proof-read and formatted, and when I’ve placed these drawings in the text, I should be ready to publish.  Sort of a scary thought!

Thanks to those of you who added your names to my e-mail list to be notified when this book will be available.  If anyone else wants to add their names, please use the form below.


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