…and Mistress Mouse gasped “Oh!”

Writing my first full length book is an experience full of surprises.  I planned about two thirds of it quite meticulously but started writing when I realised that I had to leave some things open to allow for unexpected developments.

Now that I’m past the point I’ve planned for, I don’t know what is going to happen next.  I know pretty much how the whole thing will end, but the landscape between the point I am at now and the end is uncharted territory.

Here follows the last paragraph I wrote today.  Thing is, I have no idea what happens next.

 “I don’t know,” said Rebekka. “I don’t think I have anything in my pocket.” But as she spoke she patted her pockets and discovered that there was, in fact, something there. The key to her flat in her left pocket and in her right pocket, the one Hare had been trying to get a finger into, was a flat hard disk. She drew it out and Mistress Mouse looked on with interest.

 “A mirror” said the mouse and then “Oh!”. Rebekka had turned it over and they both saw that the mirror showed, not a reflection of what was around them, but 


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