What’s in the Bowl?

Did my stint operating the Two Ocean’s aquarium microscope today. It’s always a bit of a surprise what you’ll find in the bowls.  This one contains, among other creatures

– Anemone (not sure what kind,  the thing like a golden chrysanthemum in the middle there)
– A Pycnogonida, or scarlet sea spider with egg pouches (see him just above the anemone)
– A Red chested sea cucumber (little dude on the left that looks like a chilli with a moustache)
– Golden sea cucumber, (peachy thingimajig bottom left)
–  Feather star (bristly person upper right)
–  Several barnacles
–  Nudibranch (not really visible against the left edge)
–Billions of brine shrimp all over the place

And that’s just one of the bowls!

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