For no reason at all

One of the worst things about being an adult is this constant feeling that whatever you do, must be for a reason.  If you are not making money, you should be improving yourself, or helping somebody, or…

And its so difficult to just get lost in a drawing in the way I used to when I was a child.   So I’ve been getting in some practice at doing things for no reason at all – and collage is just perfect for that.

I found some new magazines to snip apart – some about birds, and some about aeroplanes 🙂

Hacking at Magazines

I’ve been doing collage again – the none digital kind with scissors, glue and a pack of glossy magazines.  I was inspired by a character from Jacqueline Wilson’s “Lola Rose” – a little girl who lives out her fantasy life by cutting bits out of magazines, birthday cards and stickers and constructing images from them.

Those images sounded so cool I had to try making one myself – quite crude, as it turned out:

I had to add a drawn background as the collaged version I tried first time round came out thoroughly depressing.