Dogs Behind Bars

Sharing a small townhouse with two large, exuberant, hairy and above all – shedding – dogs can get annoying.  Yesterday I finally had enough.  I rushed out and bought a baby gate for the bottom of our stairs.  Pippin watched me install it with an air of great gloom.  He understood.  The good times were over:

It’s a huge relief to have a “dog free” zone upstairs.  They are only allowed up when we feel like it.  Meantime, a great deal of canine hurt feelings:

But I don’t care!  Up to now, if I did not vacuum the stairs at least every second day, we would have our own, rather hairy ski slope.  Now (I hope) the dogs, and their hair, will be confined to the downstairs section.

Although I must admit that Pippin is allowed upstairs to perform his duty as “bath dog”.  This involves keeping a close eye on me while I’m in the bath, in case I slip down the plug hole.  He usually does this while he is fast asleep on his back, and snoring because he has his nose jammed up against the toilet.

Confronting the Huskies

This evening I walked my dogs past the house with the many huskies. They usually bark loudly as I struggle past. This time I stopped. My dogs looked at them. They went quiet and stared back. All seven of them in a row, looking rather silly. Not a peep, until we moved off again. For some reason, this struck me as very comical.

drawing of huskies staring silently