Procrastinating with Personas

I’m always finding ways to waste time online, especially when I have a lot of “real” work I’m supposed to be doing.  Creating Firefox personas fits the bill perfectly.  It involves a little bit of creativity and results in eye-candy.  Plus, I get to apply some of my patterns!

Forest Mirror

In case you dont know, a Firefox persona is a sort of “theme” you can apply to your browser.  It appears in the background to your toolbars.

Mermaid Hair More

Little dead kingfisher

I’ve nearly finished writing another short story so I’m allowed to play with patterns in Photoshop again.  I used this scan I made of a little dead Kingfisher:

I found him lying on the side-walk, poor little thing.  Being a heartless artist, I plopped him on my scanner and made use of his lovely feathers: More

Patterns from Drawings

I’ve still got the pattern bug bad – this time, I’ve been creating repeating patterns from my own drawings.


These are all generated from a drawing of a rather sad looking young man in elaborate uniform: More