Meet my Strange Neighbours

At last! My stories are available as an e-book from both Amazon and Smashwords.  Here is the cover (I still get such a thrill seeing it on the Amazon web site!):

And here is the book description:

Strange Neighbours is a collection of ten illustrated fantasy short stories set in Cape Town, South Africa.

Meet a hitch hiking troll with a taste for pepper-spray and a homeless witch with a trolley full of secrets.  Discover a book hoarding mermaid and a fridge full of frogs. And learn how to greet a witch – politely, of course. These stories describe encounters with every-day magic, where strange neighbours live in the flat next door or under the manhole cover you step on every day.


You can buy the Strange Neighbours Full Illustrated Collection featuring all ten stories and many drawings, or you can try out  the smaller bundles:

Each of which includes 3 or 4 of the stories from the Strange Neighbours collection.

These links are all to the Amazon Kindle version of the stories. If you prefer a different format, such as .pdf or epub, have a look at my Smashwords page.

But what if you dont have an e-reader?  There are a number of options.

  1. Download the .pdf version of my book from Smashwords.
  2. Download this version of my book from Amazon, and download the Kindle for PC software so you can read it on your computer.

And now I can start writing the next book.  I already have several ideas.

Read it out loud!

Don’t you find some books are just MADE to be read out loud? Phrases stick in your head, and you can recite bits of them at will. How about “The Thirteen Clocks” by James Thurber:

This is how it starts: More