Getting my visual fix

I’m getting very good at rationalizing wasting time.  I am still a stalwart ColourLover , but these days I also  get my visual fix at visualizeus. This is an image bookmarking site – sort of like delicious for pictures.  Its great because it lets you link directly to the image, and also see who else has linked to it.  Because they probably have some other images bookmarked…

Its excellent for finding inspiration, and also for organising your finds.  I find it very soothing to look at my variously organised images.  I’ve got a bunch of round ones, ones that inspire pattern ideas ,  images of urban decay…  The usual thing, organised with tags.

You can also have “watch lists” to keep an eye on people with similar taste to you. There is the usual load of pictures of girls in underwear (or without underwear) but I’ve developed a sort of internal girly filter to help me ignore them.

OK – its yet another time sink, but this one has helped me overcome several bouts of creative dolldrums and actually so some of my own creative work for a change!