Cleaning Rainham Lane – work in progress

Yesterday a small team of us, residents of Chamberlain and Salisbury street, started cleaning up the servitude that runs along the back of our houses: Rainham Lane.  It was pretty bad. Some areas of the lane were completely choked with weeds.

We could hardly open the door leading from our backyard into the lane, and everyone got covered in burs.  Did not stop the dogs from having a total ball though:

The weeds by themselves were not so bad – home to praying mantises, crickets, snails, spiders and earthworms.  But there was also a lot of garbage woven in among the plants.  Plastic packets, chunks of concrete dumped after renovations, condom wrappers and so on and on:

There were also some pleasant surprises, like this gooseberry bush :

We ripped weeds out all along the lane, cleared doorways and the gutter  all along the lane, and caused a slow-motion panic among the snail population.


We soon saw that there was far more rubbish than we could dump with our single bakkie.  The plan is to get a truck in next weekend to get rid of the worst of it.  In the end we managed to take out the entire weed forest and sort the rubbish into piles.  It does not look pretty at the moment, but this is just the beginning: