Design Indaba – Friday – Gert Dumbar

Second speaker on Friday was Gert Dumbar, a dutch designer. He was great to draw.

He had a remarkable way of instantly establishing his pompous and rather self satisfied presence. But was nonetheless a very interesting speaker.

He showed examples of his work across the years, always drawing attention to the flexibility of execution across different mediums- the integration of typography and image – the clarity of communication.

He showed some posters designed for the Holland Dance Festival, and described the process they went through to reach the final look, based on integrating musical notation and images of dancers.

He showed some examples of a ID he did for a dutch telecommunications company (sorry – I could find no images to post of this) where the logo design became utterly fragmented across all applications, but still maintained a fundamental and recognizable identity. The finely judged language and shape and colour still communicates, whether applied to print media, building facades, umbrellas or canteen crockery. And oh yes, it was:

He finished off his talk with a project for making icons for use in disaster areas, that would communicate across the barriers of culture and language:

Thoughts he left us with was that “a designer must have hangups”, and that one should “design things to last – its part of an attitude towards yourself” – in other words, to stay fresh and relevant in terms of its communication and “look”, and lastly, that he hates “market driven design”.

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