Design Indaba – Friday – Mark Dytham

(The last speaker – Mark Dytham – was just impossible to draw. Maybe I was too tired and overfull of ideas.)

He is one of the originators of the Pecha Kucha manner of presenting work. This is an evening of young designers showcasing their work in slide shows – each slide lasting for 20 seconds, and only 20 slides may be shown. This has been a very successful phenomenon, there are apparently Pecha Kucha shows all over the world by now. Here is a link to a site about Pecha Kucha


Design Indaba – Friday – Li Edelkoort

Second to last speaker on Friday was Li Edelkoort – trendforecaster.

A powerful presence on stage.

She spoke around a slide show for a trend forecast she made five years ago, outlining the main themes and commenting on how relevant they still are.


Design Indaba – Friday – Jakob Trollback

Another speaker on Friday afternoon was Swedish Jakob Trollback. His company website is here.

He started his talk with a musical journey through his youth – starting with Abba, moving through jaz, Glen Gould and Brian Eno to Abdullah Ibrahim and the Soweto Boys.


Design Indaba – Friday – Jason Bruges

Another speaker on Firday was Jason Bruges – a creator of interactive installations. Here’s a link to his companies site.

There was an example of his work in the foyer of the indaba which amused me very much – its a sort of screen made of black modules, each with a very thin strip light. The lights switch on and off in patterns and its clear the thing is supposed to be responding to its environment as there are cameras embedded in some of the modules. After looking at it for some time and not being able to figure out how it was responding, I peered round the back to see a nest of wires and a rather stressed out looking individual frantically plugging and unplugging.


Design Indaba – Friday – Nkosi, Rajah and Laird-Cherry

After the (fabulous) lunch was a little fashion show with Nkhesani Nkosi, Gavin Rajah and Amanda Laird-Cherry. I could only seem to draw Nkosi’s designs.


Design Indaba – Friday – Shih-ichi Takemura

Takemura was for me the most interesting speaker of the day:

He started his talk by playing a sound of water dripping. He introduced himself and started speaking – and then explained that the sound is a real time feed of a water feature in a temple in Kyoto. We were listening -admittedly with some latency – to water dripping into a ceramic vessel thousands of kilometers away in Japan. He called this a “internet stethoscope”


Design Indaba – Friday – Abbot Miller

Abbot Miller was the third speaker on Friday. Somehow he did not inspire any drawings, maybe because his talk was quite fascinating and I was looking at the screen, and not at him.


Design Indaba – Friday – Gert Dumbar

Second speaker on Friday was Gert Dumbar, a dutch designer. He was great to draw.

He had a remarkable way of instantly establishing his pompous and rather self satisfied presence. But was nonetheless a very interesting speaker.


Design Indaba – Friday – Gary Human

OK – I got to attend the entire day of Design Indaba on Friday. I’m going to write each speaker as a separate post, otherwise this post will get a bit long.

First up was Gary Human – executive director of Ogilvy. He introduced himself as the root of all evil, as a representative of advertising, where apparently the previous days speakers were much more concerned with all kinds of ecologically correct and relevant topics:


Design Indaba – Airside

Today I got to go to one of the design indaba lectures – this one by Airside.

This is what I remember, aided by screenshots from their website at

They call themselves a multidisciplinary design agency.

They’ve lasted for 10 years so far – their main aim is enjoyment and fun. They want their work to be experienced as one does a toy.