Design Indaba – Friday – Jakob Trollback

Another speaker on Friday afternoon was Swedish Jakob Trollback. His company website is here.

He started his talk with a musical journey through his youth – starting with Abba, moving through jaz, Glen Gould and Brian Eno to Abdullah Ibrahim and the Soweto Boys.

He says:

And that designers (and artists, I guess) should always “look somewhere else” for their inspiration – and not at more design, or more art.

He sites Jerard Richter as a profound influence – a photographer who transfers his work to the medium of painting through painting over projections of the photos. He is fascinated by the change from one medium to another.

He showed some examples of film credits he has created – for example, a beautiful skyline that is painted onto the screen for “Night Falls on Manhatten”. Also some lovely minimal titles for “monsoon wedding” and “vanity fair”. Here is an article by Patricia Thomson on the Vanity Fair title sequence.

He showed many other sumptuous, thought provoking projects and says:

“Creativity is playing with things, figuring things out.”

And ended with a sketch a bit like this:

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