Design Indaba 2010 – Martha Stewart

At the last day of the Design Indaba 2010, Martha Stewart showed how not to do it:

She misjudged her audience and delivered a talk that came across like a sales pitch.  Surely Martha Stewart had something more to share than how to do “paint by numbers” glitter paintings?  I wonder if she had attended any of the other speakers, and had no idea what the event was about?

The audience was soon muttering and giggling and tweeting:

As I walked around afterwards I heard reactions that ranged from the gleefully snarky to the outright angry.  “How can she waste our time like that?”

The strongest defence I heard was – “But she’s a great business woman.  Just look how much money she’s made.”

Indeed.  Surely she could have shared some of her insights with us?

Apart from her business plan, which she compared to the solar system.  From my notebook:

Edit: I must add, that a really false impression is created if you read the blog posts and comments about this incident.  People walked out – but it was not a “mass exodus” as some people would like to have you believe.  Most of us grinned and bore it.

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