Gardening with Dogs 2

A while ago, I started creating a “dog proof garden”.  I thought it was time to share some more “before” and “after” pictures.  My problem was turning the “Wynberg Dog Habitat”  from a desolate waste of mud and dog bones into a garden.  Things were going well a couple of months ago, when I took these pictures – plants were growing behind their fences, but most of the garden was series of muddy ditches, as the grass refused to grow under the constant doggy traffic:

I found a very cheap source of paving slabs, and set to work, closely supervised by the dogs:

A couple of months later, the view from my bedroom window.  (The dogs look dislocated because this is a composite picture.)

And the plants have continued flourishing.

…and now!

The wonderful thing about gardening, is how small things make you happy.  Like grass growing between paving stones:

Pippin is still deciding what he thinks of all these fences:

But he has found that he can pee through them quite easily – below is what used to be a rose-bush that has succumbed non stop chemical (or is it biological?) warfare.

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