Drawings of stories that don’t exist

Woot!  Now that I can set my short stories aside for a while, I’m drawing again.  The stories still seem to be bubbling up in the drawings, although I have no idea what the stories are about!

I’m scanning in the unfinished black and white versions here.  I plan to colour these both digitally and on paper, just for fun.  If all goes well, I should soon be putting up a colourful version of these.

And a detail close up view:

This one is still very unfinished :

Another detail view:

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  1. wazcpt
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 22:18:04

    WoW Masha, these are really cool! So detailed! I’m only capable of drawing stick figures and even those aren’t really any good haha! It’s sorta anime’ish, similar to a few manga characters that I’ve seen. 😀

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