Birdwing by Rafe Martin

Title: Birdwing
Author: Rafe Martin
Series : No, this is a stand alone book
Rating: stars_02

Do you know the Grimm Brother’s fairy tale  “The Six Swans”?  That’s the one about the  six brothers who were turned into swans, and how their sister undid the enchantment.  At least – she almost succeeded. At the end, the youngest brother’s left arm remained a swan wing.

Birdwing is the story of what happens next, as Ardwin grows up and tries to make sense of his divided loyalties – his memories of the wild life of a swan, and his need for acceptance in the world of humans.


detail from Eleanor Abbot’s illustration

Rafe Martin asks if it is possible to live “happily ever after” when your family has been so spectacularly torn apart. More

Moonheart – Charles de Lint

Title: Moonheart
Author : Charles de Lint
Series : Nope, this one is a stand-alone.

In Short: Sarah Kendell’s comfortable life is derailed when she discovers an ancient Native American medicine bag at the back of her uncle’s second-hand shop.  She and her friends become entangled in a centuries old conflict between a Welsh Bard, a Druid, and the old gods of pre-colonial America.


This was my first Charles de Lint book, and now I have a new author to look out for – I loved it.  Moonheart drew me firstly because of its evocative title and the cover: More

A Rivalry of Wizards

What is the collective noun for a group of wizards?  A “wrath” of wizards?  An “argument”?  I’ve been gathering together some of my favourite wizards.


First, of course will always be Gandalf.  I grew up on The Lord of The Rings and of all the characters, Gandalf is the most compelling.  He has become my benchmark of what a wizard should be.  Here is my favourite image of him, from that famous poster by Jimmy Cauty : More

Pauline Baynes

Since I am indulging myself by writing about my most loved children’s writers – and also illustrators – how can I miss out Pauline Baynes. Here is a really interesting interview with her, by Charlotte Cory.


from The Manhatten Rare Book Company


Princess Mononoke

Am once again overwhelmed by the films of Miyazaki – this time “Princess Mononoke”


Like Spirited Away, the movie drew me in. The Deer God’s forest is a manifestation of all that is disappearing or already missing from our world. More

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