Glowing Girl with Branching Thoughts

This is the first drawing in a long time that was for no particular project.  Started off not knowing what would happen and just went along till it seemed finished. Today was a public holiday, so no teaching for me.  I indulged and spent some hours doodling on Photoshop while listening to “Widdershins” by Charles de Lint.

The Little Country by Charles de Lint

Title: The Little Country
Author: Charles de Lint
Series : No, this is a stand alone book

In Short:
A fantasy rooted in folk and fairy tales.  Janey Little, a Cornish folk musician, finds an unknown manuscript by a famous fantasy author.  She starts reading it, and so doing sets in motion an uncanny chain of events that puts herself and everyone she loves in danger.


In Full: The Little Country is my third book by Charles de Lint.  Although its not my favourite (that still has to be Moonheart) I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found themes of redemption and forgiveness,  about the core of innocent hurt in the heart of even the most evil person. More

Pictures with stories

A couple of posts ago, I shared a number of pictures that seem to tell stories. This time round, I’m sharing two drawings I did myself, which was inspired by a stories.  The first inspiration came from Cornelia Funke’s “Inkdeath”.


In that book, there is a giant who takes on the colours of his surroundings. I find now, when I go back to read that passage, that I got several things wrong.  The giant is supposed to have inhumanly round eyes, and he is also supposed to be naked.  Oh well. Here is the passage: More

Moonheart – Charles de Lint

Title: Moonheart
Author : Charles de Lint
Series : Nope, this one is a stand-alone.

In Short: Sarah Kendell’s comfortable life is derailed when she discovers an ancient Native American medicine bag at the back of her uncle’s second-hand shop.  She and her friends become entangled in a centuries old conflict between a Welsh Bard, a Druid, and the old gods of pre-colonial America.


This was my first Charles de Lint book, and now I have a new author to look out for – I loved it.  Moonheart drew me firstly because of its evocative title and the cover: More