Pictures with stories

A couple of posts ago, I shared a number of pictures that seem to tell stories. This time round, I’m sharing two drawings I did myself, which was inspired by a stories.  The first inspiration came from Cornelia Funke’s “Inkdeath”.


In that book, there is a giant who takes on the colours of his surroundings. I find now, when I go back to read that passage, that I got several things wrong.  The giant is supposed to have inhumanly round eyes, and he is also supposed to be naked.  Oh well. Here is the passage: More

Pictures without Stories

Do you remember the time before you could read, paging through books and looking at the pictures?  And once you could read, not really believing that what was written down was  the full story?  Some pictures are so evocative and mysterious I never felt convinced that I now knew all their secrets.


I’ve been gathering such images and here are some of my favourites.   Firstly there is the photographic artist Madalina Iordache-Levey. This image is called “The Mysterious Disappearance of Miss Peregrinne Ploot: More


Title: Inkdeath
Author: Cornelia Funke
Series : Third book in the “Inkheart” trilogy
In Short: A compelling story set in a glorious fantasy world.  This is a dark, grim book about difficult choices,  lit with moments of beauty.

Other books by author: “The Thief Lord”, “Dragon Rider”.



Background: Inkdeath is the final book in the trilogy which began with “Inkheart”.  It follows the story of the book restorer Mo and his young daughter Meggie.  Early in Inkheart we learn that  Mo has a very special talent: when he reads out loud, his voice beguiles the characters to step right out of the story into our world.  And sometimes,  people are swept from our world and  into the book… More

The Band-Aid of Fantasy

One of my students interviewed me as part of a research project on readers of fantasy books. It was an unsatisfactory experience as she had already made up her mind on the fundamental issue. Question: “What attracts readers to fantasy and science fiction? “ Answer: “A need to escape”.