Design Indaba 09 ||Day3|| Marian Bantjes

The last day of the Design Indaba started with Marian Bantjes who proceeded to make me most uncomfortable.  She held out a vision of how life could be that I found deeply disturbing.


Work which is synonymous with love.  Drawing and writing, ornament and pattern.  And the promise that these are within reach if only one is willing to risk it all. More

Design Indaba 09 || Day 2 || Innocentive

The great thing about the Desing Indaba is the spread of ideas one is exposed to.  From the refined balance of Commonwealth, we moved on to the enthusiastism of  Dwain Spradlin of Innocentive.


In a nutshell, Innocentive is an attempt to use the internet to harness humanities ability to problem solve. More

Design Indaba 09 || Day1 || Bruce Mau

Last speaker on that first Design Indaba day was Bruce Mau.  A large presence and  a vision to go with it.


He started off with a bang, presenting us with the core of his talk:  “The status quo is not working”.   If we rolled out the typical vision of the American dream way of life to the rest of the planet – we would need the resources of “at least four more planets”. More