Design Indaba 2010 – Alejandro Aravena

One of the most thought-provoking speakers at Design Indaba 2010: Alejandro Aravena.

Alejandro is a Chilean architect who focuses on that most challenging of problems – social housing for the poor.  His talk was rather like the projects he showed us: stark, harsh, and with no attempt to soften unpleasant realities.

The audience did not like everything he said. More

Design Indaba 09 || Day1|| Luyanda Mpahlwa

What I enjoy above all at the Design Indaba  is its buzz, all that  positive energy.  This is created simply by people speaking on subjects they are passionate about.  And sometimes you hear about projects which really make a positive difference in the world.  Architect Luyanda Mpahlwa spoke to us about his participation in the Design Indaba 10 x 10 low cost housing project.  This is a attempt to alleviate our housing crisis by encouraging innovation in constructing low cost housing.


In 2008,   Design Indaba invited architects to design ten low cost houses on ten sites in partnership with ten international architects, for ten families. More