The Mermaid – she’s finished at last.

After a long break, I finally got round to finishing the Mermaid doll. Added some shells and sea-weed. Now all I have to do is figure out a display case or stand for her.

See the work in progress here:





Cowrie Shells and Mother of Pearl

Emma suggested mother of pearl buttons for the Mermaid, and luckily I had some.  They used to belong to my grandmother and I’ve been saving them.

And then of course I had to find a use for the cowrie shells:


She’s very nearly done now.

Mermaid Buttons

Mermaid now has a velvet jacket (swallow tail!) with a silk lining.  It needs buttons. Maybe cowrie shells will do?


Mermaid’s Tail

Slowly but surely, the mermaid’s tail is gaining scales.

A body for a mermaid

I was able to take the afternoon off from work-for-pay, enough to start the Mermaid’s body.  It’s an “under-body” as it were, I doubt much of this will be visible in the final doll:

I’m a Mermaid’s Hairdresser

I took the day off today, despite having a fair amount of work for pay to do.  Instead, I had a wonderful time attaching hair to my Mermaid doll.   Here she is early in the process with about a third of the hair attached.

A rather strange photo of the back of her head.  I’m pleased with the method as it looks good once all the hair is on, and the hair is attached quite firmly.

I could not get any clear shots showing the full effect of all her hair, but in this one you can see the silver threads I added, since she is not a young mermaid:

If I get time tomorrow, I’m starting on her body.

The Mermaid gets her skin

I added a bit more colour to the mermaid doll today.  Her skin went from pink to brown, and she got some eye-liner too.  For a while she had painted irises in her eyes, but I think I prefer that fremen look.


And here is the bit I’ve been relishing: preparing her hair.

Painted lady

I started painting the mermaid doll yesterday.  Had a long break from her, (she’s been lying on the shelf,  looking at me sadly) but hopefully she will get finished now.


Bought some Mermaid hair

I forgot my camera at home today, so was reduced to taking low quality pictures with my phone.  Today I bought some hair for my Mermaid (braiding hair from a Chinese shop) and chose some more fabrics.  Furry blue stuff, crushed velvet, maybe?  I also started blocking out what shape her body might be.

Baked Mermaid

I fired the Mermaid head and hands today – super sculpey can be fired in a normal oven at 130 degrees Celsius so no special equipment needed, except an oven thermometer.  Here’s the Mermaid hot out of the oven.  Her eyes look a bit different, I think foil on the back of the beads has wrinkled a little, but it actually looks quite nice:

Then I had fun setting out all my silks and gauzed to choose what colours I should use when making the rest of her:

My final selection.  The colours don’t show up well in this photograph – a range of greens, greys, blues and purples with some orange or yellow for accents.

Mermaid progress

Some more work done to the mermaid head.  First ears and eyebrows, then scales:



Is she a mermaid?

I started a new doll head today – the first one in years.  This one is going to be wall mounted – the head has no back to it, the plan is to mount it on a board sort of like a trophy.  I’m using super-sculpey polymer clay over a core of aluminium foil with beads for eyes.