Baked Mermaid

I fired the Mermaid head and hands today – super sculpey can be fired in a normal oven at 130 degrees Celsius so no special equipment needed, except an oven thermometer.  Here’s the Mermaid hot out of the oven.  Her eyes look a bit different, I think foil on the back of the beads has wrinkled a little, but it actually looks quite nice:

Then I had fun setting out all my silks and gauzed to choose what colours I should use when making the rest of her:

My final selection.  The colours don’t show up well in this photograph – a range of greens, greys, blues and purples with some orange or yellow for accents.

Mermaid progress

Some more work done to the mermaid head.  First ears and eyebrows, then scales:



Is she a mermaid?

I started a new doll head today – the first one in years.  This one is going to be wall mounted – the head has no back to it, the plan is to mount it on a board sort of like a trophy.  I’m using super-sculpey polymer clay over a core of aluminium foil with beads for eyes.

Work in Progress – Hands, Feet and Fish still hot from the oven

Here is a fresh baked tray of hands, feet, heads and feet. Work in progress! I had to use my webcam to take these so apologies for the poor picture quality.