Design Indaba 2010 – Words that I will remember

So – it’s over.  Flipping through my notebook after two days at the Design Indaba, these quotes stood out:

Michael Bierut:

“You get power by giving away power.”

“The audience is more wonderful than you think.”

Mokena Makeka:

– no one quote, but the idea that public buildings should not be designed for neglect.

William Drenttel:

“Why do universities need logos?”

The Wooster Collective:

“Cities need unauthorised acts of creativity”


“There’s a truth and honesty in brokeness.”

“The work I do is not a job.”

Harry Pearce:

“The world is full of flowers, if you only have eyes to see.”

Hang Feng:

“You are an artist – that means you can always find your own way.”

“When the time and the luck arrive – always grab it.”

Alejandro Aravena:

“It’s amazing how fast bad ideas travel.”

“The problem is the solution.”

“The resource we need is coordination.”

Fiona Raby:

“Do we change the world to suit us – or change ourselves to suit the world?”

Handspring Puppet Company:

“This is how people had to work together to make a life.”


I missed Day Two of the Indaba as I was sick in bed.   I’m still pretty sick, so I’ve not been able to write about everything I saw. I’ve tried to make up for that by linking to as many resources as I could find, so you can look for yourself.

I’ve gathered all my links in one place though – you can browse through them here.

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