Molly Bang’s Paper Crane: Joyful and Profound.

Dont you just love an excuse to sort through your book collections? To be paging through old battered survivors of childhood, as well as look at new discoveries. For me, one such new discovery is “the Paper Crane ” by Molly Bang. This little book is perfect. I love the freshness of the storytelling, the sensitivity and beauty of the artwork, and the quiet joy it radiates.

What could be a more satisfying medium for this story than to tell it in pictures made up of folded and cut paper and collage? More

Errol Le Cain’s Sleeping Beauty: Rich and Magical

Isn’t it strange how some childhood moments stay with you so clearly, while most things fade into a half remembered muddle? It was just before Christmas, many years ago when I was just a little girl. My family were getting into the car to go home after a visit to the bookshop in Cape Town. My father was holding a brown paper packet. I tried to peep into it and caught a glimpse of two books, but my father whisked them away before I could get a proper look.


That packet re-appeared again under the Christmas tree, and contained Errol Le Cain’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. More

Arabian Magic with a Polish touch: The Illustrations of Janusz Grabianski

Did you also have books, as a child, that you read over and over again? The images become so familiar that you cannot imagine the story without them. This is, for me, the ultimate edition of The Arabian Nights. The text reworked by Hedwig Smola, translated into Afrikaans by Andre Brink and above all illustrated by Janusz Grabianski.

As a child I loved Grabianski’s vivid colours and strong brushwork – the storytelling in the pictures is just as lively as that in the text. Here you can see the first meeting of Aladdin with the evil magician, pretending to be his long lost uncle. More

The haunting illustrations of Eva Bednarova: Chinese Fairly Tales.

Here is another fabulously illustrated book I would like to share with you: Dana and Milada Stovichkova’s “Chinese Fairy Tales” illustrated by Eva Bednarova. This is a treasure of a book.mirror_crop


Errol Le Cain’s Cinderella: A World of Beauty in the Detail

Here is a magical book for you to have a look at: Cinderella by Errol Le Cain. This process of sharing my favorite illustrators has helped me realise how profoundly they have influenced me . When I am asked what my influences are, I tend to think about serious fine artists. Audrey Beardsley maybe? But in all honesty, it is people like Errol Le Cain who have shaped the way I look at things.

I wish I could draw like Errol Le Cain! Here is Cinderella doing her embroidery under the watchful eye of her stepmother and stepsisters. More

writer/illustrator Charles Keeping: Joseph’s Yard

Charles Keeping was a powerful force in my childhood. I was scared and fascinated by his books . The drawings burn on the page, and the stories cut into your heart. I was deeply influenced by his drawing style – that muscular scrawl with ink and wash. In this post I want to share one particular book: “Joseph’s Yard” which I grew up knowing as “Josef se plant”, in its Afrikaans version.


Work In Progress – Nameless Girl

Having overcome an absolute torrent of procratination I’ve finally started on the second half of my coming show – the animations. This is the unfinished face of my nameless girl.

Look well, as I may chicken out and remove these work in progress posts…

screenshot of flash animation in progress

Work in Progress – the palettes

Ive been preparing colour palettes to use in the animations I am working on.

I used a photoshop actions from ColourLover “mankineko” :


Namesakes: “Lisa Frank”

I suppose its not so strange. “Lisa Frank” must be quite a common name. And what is the significance of having the same name as some one else in any case? But I still find it fascinating to find two women with the same name who create such different works:


Leo and Diane Dillon

I was doing some research to find out who the illustrator was for a particularly lovely edition of Garth Nix’s “Sabriel”:


…and discovered Leo and Diane Dillon. They have been working together for more than 40 years, and they have some interesting things to say about how artists can collaborate.


Eirian Short

Here is another lucky find – from the Layers of Meaning website, the work of Eirian Short, a welsh embroidery artist. It is difficult to find much of her work on-line but I have found these image and articles.


Cat and Pigeon

I just saw a ginger cat carrying a pure white pigeon he had killed. The cat had the pigeon by the throat and was carrying it like a flag, very proudly. The pigeon was so white I thought it was a cloth at first. Then I saw its little dark eye looking at me. I’m not sure if it was dead yet.

Cat and Pigeon

Cat and Pigeon

obsessive love of colour

I am on leave at the moment, and I have to be very strict with myself otherwise my entire week will be spent on my best community site at OK – Ive got over the honeymoon period where I obsessively created palettes all day long – but there is still enough there to keep me from what I am supposed to be doing…

airships and sky


1 year of ColourLove

1 year of ColourLove

most used phrase

Some colour palettes inspired by the Design Indaba.

carbon footprint

carbon footprint 2

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