Mirror Tantrum

Another ink-bomb drawing.  This time I started by blowing the ink around the page, and then added random lines.  Pretty soon I had a broken mirror, hair, eyes, teeth, and the tantrum was inevitable:

Ink Dreaming

A pen and ink drawing done a week or so ago:

This was an attempt to recapture the way I drew when I was little.  I used to make myself quite dizzy blowing bits of ink around a page.

A Knight in a Skirt meets Dragon Fishbreath

This was another one of those drawings I found while sorting my tax and medical aid documents.    A knight in a skirt, and a friendly dragon with fishy breath.

Digital Pattern Drawing

Another drawing done in Flash, with the patterns added in Photoshop.   I like drawing random faces when I’m just testing a medium.  This one seems like she might have an interesting story to tell.

I guess I must be feeling better

I guess I must be feeling better, going by these drawings. For the past two weeks, Brendon has had a terrible cough and we’ve both had infected eyes.

Today’s drawing:

Yesterday’s drawing: More

For no reason at all

One of the worst things about being an adult is this constant feeling that whatever you do, must be for a reason.  If you are not making money, you should be improving yourself, or helping somebody, or…

And its so difficult to just get lost in a drawing in the way I used to when I was a child.   So I’ve been getting in some practice at doing things for no reason at all – and collage is just perfect for that.

I found some new magazines to snip apart – some about birds, and some about aeroplanes 🙂

Hacking at Magazines

I’ve been doing collage again – the none digital kind with scissors, glue and a pack of glossy magazines.  I was inspired by a character from Jacqueline Wilson’s “Lola Rose” – a little girl who lives out her fantasy life by cutting bits out of magazines, birthday cards and stickers and constructing images from them.

Those images sounded so cool I had to try making one myself – quite crude, as it turned out:

I had to add a drawn background as the collaged version I tried first time round came out thoroughly depressing.

Urban Dryads

I’ve been trying to draw moments from memory.  The drawings below were inspired by two little girls who live in my neighbourhood.  I saw them the other day standing in front of their home.

Both of them have very long hair, and they had a long ribbon sort of wrapped around themselves.  More

Little dead kingfisher

I’ve nearly finished writing another short story so I’m allowed to play with patterns in Photoshop again.  I used this scan I made of a little dead Kingfisher:

I found him lying on the side-walk, poor little thing.  Being a heartless artist, I plopped him on my scanner and made use of his lovely feathers: More

Drawing Guilt

So now that I’m self-employed, I should have more time for my own creative work, right?  Ha ha ha ha.  Um.  Actually,  I’ve been racing deadlines for the last month or more and not done ANY drawing.  So to make myself feel a little better, I’ve been scanning some drawings that I did a while ago.

A pensive lady with a scarf:

This one has something to do with the idea of a phoenix being reborn: More

Nurse – Guardian



This is another one of those drawings that seems to have a strong story behind it.  I like the bird headed woman – she seems caring and fierce at the same time.  But for some reason I’m perfectly sure that she is not the girl’s mother.

Drawing and Reading

A fairly recent drawing that did not go quite as planned:


I was able to generate quite a few patterns from this drawing. I’m fairly sure that these shapes are inspired by my reading of Kim Stanley Robinson’s  Red Mars that I’d just finished, and Green Mars that I’m still reading.  There is a lot of detail about mutating algae and other microscopic plants in the effort to terraform Mars.

In a previous post I quoted from Green Mars – Hiroko explains her understanding of pattern in nature.  Here is a quote about different ways of understanding the world – the scientific, and the poetic: More

Dragon Girl

From my sketchbook – an angry Dragon Girl:


I was able to generate quite a few patterns from this drawing.  I’m still hopelessly addicted to making patterns.  I’m reading  Kim Stanley Robinson’s Green Mars at the moment, and I found this quote about patterns and life-force:


Insect Blessing

Sometimes its a bit disconcerting to see where my inspiration comes from.


For example, this drawing of mine: More

Drawing Under the Influence

Drawing under the influence of fleas. That is, flea bites, and the scent of flea-repellent.  I got a little bit slack about cleaning studio and had a little flea explosion.


Still on a role with masks, and bird-headed people.  I was reminded of this theme by several posts by John Coulthart over at feuilleton. More

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